How Chiropractors can benefit from LeafyQuick Affiliate Marketing Program

How Chiropractors can benefit from LeafyQuick Affiliate Marketing Program

The Power of the LeafyQuick Referral Network

From the time the 2018 Farm Bill passed, the CBD hemp market has been booming. The farmers have been busy cultivating their crop and the scientists have been working on perfecting the CBD extract that is now being used in a variety of CBD products that include gummies, chocolates, drinks, oils, lotions and many more. However, the most important aspect of CBD that we are seemingly forgetting is that CBD is supposed to help provide benefits to those suffering from severe ailments.

Popularity of CBD

With states like California and Colorado having CBD and THC products in use for some time, people claim that they find relief by using CBD products. However, there are many other states that don’t yet provide easy access to CBD products. Customers who want to try CBD are left to shop in stores near them that sell CBD often from brands with minimal testing, unknown quality and new to the market.   

There are studies being done to show the affects CBD has on ailments like arthritis, anxiety, epilepsy, obesity and many others. As history tell us, patients always turn to their doctors for recommendations and since the industry is still considered to be in the infancy stages by many, doctors are hesitant to provide recommendations until more studies come out. However, there are many doctors that are believers and have either used CBD products themselves, have read studies or have had patients from California and Colorado that swear that CBD has changed their lives. These types of doctors would love to provide CBD recommendations to their patients but with no access to CBD products themselves it’s difficult to do so.

CBD Industry Hurdles

The CBD industry has seen hurdles from poor quality product, limited testing, access to CBD by consumers and even credit card processing issues across the entire CBD retail sector. Although, the tide is turning, and better-quality products are rising to the top progress is still slow, consumer access to CBD products is still limited. Consumers are increasingly looking for CBD product in their doctor offices.

Chiropractors and CBD

Many chiropractor offices around the country have started utilizing CBD lotions and oils to help their patient’s ailments. However, CBD brands require chiropractors to hold the product on their shelves and sell as if chiropractors are like any other retail business. Chiropractors certainly benefit from CBD products because their goal is to see their patients feel relief and any help they can provide in-turn brings them happy patients.

How Chiropractors can benefit from LeafyQuick Affiliate Marketing Program

LeafyQuick Referral Network

Doctors themselves are seeing education about CBD and are constantly looking for CBD products that would work for their patients. Patients visit their doctors infrequently and very few would stop by their doctor’s office just to pick up CBD from them. LeafyQuick is jumping in to help both doctors and patients, helping doctors navigate the many brands and delivering CBD directly to the patient’s door quickly. LeafyQuick has created an affiliate program for chiropractors that allows them to discover CBD products that are highly reputable and deliver results to their patients without ever needing to touch or carry CBD product in their offices. Chiropractors love this model and are excited to see the CBD market evolve as more doctors jump on board.

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