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The CBD Tincture VG is specially formulated by our in-house chemist to be a clear homogenous solution with a rich impactful flavor and none of the unpleasant off-notes frequently found in hemp extracts that are currently on the market. Just like our oil tincture, it is best enjoyed sublingually. Employing more water dispersible solvents like vegetable glycerin can be a more effective delivery system than a purely oil based tincture.  

Slim Mint Flavor Description: The Slim Mint VG Tincture is our take on a Chocolate Mint profile. This is one of our personal favorites, it combines a milky, rich chocolate profile with a clean peppermint finish. Your sweet tooth will be satisfied while leaving a cooling sensation and smile on your face! All of our VG Tinctures are made with our proprietary natural sweetener blend that is enhanced by the Monk Fruit Extract to mask any off-notes of the tincture.

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural Flavor, Cannabidiol, Monk Fruit Extract



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