All CYTO CBD products were designed by their team of Physicians & Pharmacists in collaboration with our Agricultural Scientists & Process Engineers with an emphasis on safety & quality down to the cellular level. Full integration enables full control from the novel soil analysis, seed germination, and innovative hemp plant cloning all the way to a high purity and quality end product.

Each product is specifically formulated to support the needs of the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) which can help balance the body in different ways. All products come with a Smart QR code, providing access to lab results and information on all phytocannabinoids within the formula. Additionally, Blockchain Technology is in development that will provide transparency to consumers from seed to shelf to assure the highest quality and safety.

Their Farms & Plants have passed over 2000 inspections to assure products are manufactured in the safest and most compliant ways in the market.



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