Raysei provides high quality products that cultivate wellness and serenity. They believe that serenity in mind, body and spirit leads people towards better health and ultimately a higher quality of life.

It’s interesting that in these anxiety-provoking times that the hemp plant is making a comeback. Hemp has been used by people worldwide for thousands of years as treatment for a wide range of ailments. Modern science has optimized hemps most beneficial extract called cannabidoil (CBD).

Raysei products are THC Free (0% THC) and are made from 99%+ pure cannabidoil. Their products are made of Organic Industrial Hemp Extract via C02 Extraction to ensure the best quality CBD products possible. 

Did you Know: Their name is derived from the Japanese word reisei(pronounced ray-say), which translates into English as tranquility or serenity.

Third Party Test Results:  https://raysei.com/lab-results/



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