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Save over 15% compared to buying them separately. What happens when we take our top 4 best selling products and combine them into 1 package? We get our Vape Package, consisting of the 4 best flavors on our site. 

- Relax Lavender flavored, ideal for relaxation during the day or to unwind in the evening. 

Revive Lemon flavored, this revitalizing blend will restore your inner balance, one breath at a time.. 

- Focus Spearmint flavored, ideal for those that want to buckle down and concentrate on a task at hand. 

- Revive Grapefruit flavored, ideal for after a hard workout or run and you want to re-energize your body. 

Each of these disposable vape pens contain around 250mg of CBD, last about 150 puffs at 6 seconds a puff. Completely self contained they don't need to be charged, liquid to be filled or any of the overhead. Simply open the package and start enjoying immediately. 

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