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SUPERCHARGE your daily activities with our energy-boosting formula

The ideal workout, enhancer, stress reliever and caffeine alternative! VAITAL Organics SUPERCHARGE + CBD is a phytonutrient, CBD-infused superfood blend designed to increase energy, boost mood and fuel your daily activities. Whether you’re an athlete, a coffee addict or just seeking more energy, SUPERCHARGE gives you that extra boost of nutrition and stamina you need.

  • SUPERCHARGE contains antioxidizing and phytonutrient adaptogens, herbs and medicinal mushrooms intended to help the body adjust to the stresses and strains of exercise while boosting energy, endurance and fortitude*
  • Designed to enhance focus, mood, and vitality in a healthy, natural way*

When to take our SUPERCHARGE + CBD:

  • In the morning with breakfast
  • 30 minutes before a workout or intense activity
  • Post-Workout to help kickstart muscle recovery

How to take our SUPERCHARGE + CBD:

As a Nutritional Supplement, Shake or Blend one level scoop (10g) with 8oz of any liquid. Preferred with non-dairy milk of choice, or mixed into your favorite smoothie or shake

Smoothie Recipe:

8oz almond milk, 1 banana, 1 cup blueberries, 6oz Greek yogurt & 1 scoop SUPERCHARGE

VAITAL Proprietary Blend:

Maca Root †, Full Spectrum Cordyceps †, Full Spectrum Reishi †, Matcha Green Tea †, Goji Berry Juice †, Dehydrated Vermont Maple Syrup †, Fair Trade Cocoa †, Marshmallow Root †, Fine Vanilla Bean †, Red Dulse †, Celtic Sea Salt †

† = organic



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