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For daily nutritional needs for those on the go, there’s SUPERGREENS

The perfect way to assimilate phytonutrient, green superfoods into your daily routine in an easy-to-take mix! VAITAL Organics SUPERGREENS + CBD is a CBD-infused, superfood blend concentrated greens combined with non-GMO, plant-based proteins, delivering the ideal nutrients that the body can assimilate and keep you firing on all cylinders *

  • SUPERGREENS integrates veggies like broccoli, spinach, and kale, along with antioxidizing super-fruits like blueberries, goji berries and açai berries all helping to manage body soreness and fatigue, while naturally increasing body’s immune system *
  • Contains superfoods that help the body adjust to the stresses and strains of exercise while boosting energy, improving endurance and vitality

When to take our SUPERGREENS + CBD:

  • Daily! Morning, day or night!
  • On the Go – Convenient nutrition anytime, anywhere!
  • Post-workout to help kickstart muscle recovery

How to take our SUPERGREENS + CBD:

As a Nutritional Supplement, Shake or Blend one level scoop (10g) with 8oz of any liquid. Preferred with non-dairy milk of choice, or mixed into your favorite smoothie or shake

Smoothie Recipe:

8oz apple juice, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 banana, 6oz Greek yogurt, 1 scoop SUPERGREENS

VAITAL Proprietary Blend:

Broccoli †, Spinach †, Kale †, Cabbage †, Parsley †, Spirulina †, Kelp †, Algae †, Chlorella †, Maca Root †, Barley Grass Juice†, Nettle Leaf †, Nopal Cactus †, Vermont Maple Syrup †, Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt †, Sweet Mesquite †, Fine Vanilla Bean †, VAITAL Shroom Mix: (Reishi †, Cordyceps †, Maitáke †, Chaga †, Mesima †, Lion's Mane †, Turkey Tail †, Shiitáke †, Blazei †, Poria †, Suehirotáke †, Hiratáke †, Agarikon and True Tinder Polypore †), Super Sprouts: (Flax Sprouts †, Pumpkin Sprouts †, Broccoli Sprouts †, Cauliflower Sprouts †, Kale Sprouts †, Cabbage Sprouts †, Red Clover Sprouts †), Superfruit: (Lucuma Fruit †, Goji Berry †, Hawthorn Berry †, Blackberry †, Tart Cherry †, Pomegranate †, Blueberry †, Acai Berry †, Strawberry †, Cranberry †, Red Raspberry †)

† = organic



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