Study of CBD Customer Purchase Behavior

What day of the week and time of day do most CBD sales happen?

We set out to find the answer to both of these questions using our data and found some surprising results.

The data presented is from actual purchases made through LeafyQuick since inception. Numbers have been normalized to percentages and sales have been aggregated across all sales channels: Online, In-Store & Partner Websites. Times shown are in Chicago (CST) Time Zone.

Which day of the week is best for CBD Sales?

Most popular conclusions:

  • Weekends are probably the busiest for you.
  • CBD Sales should be high on Monday because of people going back into work.
  • Sales should be consistent all days of the week.


  • Steady increase in sales as the week goes on. With the peak being Wednesday.
  • Pronounced decline with a slight uptick in sales on Friday, right before the weekend.
  • And surprisingly Saturday the lowest day for CBD sales.

When do most CBD Purchases happen?

Most popular conclusions:

  • Late night when all the stores are closed.
  • Early in the morning right before the start of the work day.
  • Right before lunch, because people are looking ahead towards the evening.


  • Unlike CBD’s cousin Cannabis, sales don’t happen during late nights.
  • Lunch is a popular time for purchases, but the end of the work day is even more popular.
  • Pronounced gap in sales between Midnight and 6am, maybe because CBD users sleep well?

Additional Questions

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