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Learn more about the impact of Cannabis use on your sexual Intimacy and how CBD Lube Can Help

CBD Lube and PassionThere are multiple ways for you to increase the amount of pleasure that you get from the intimacy with your partner. However, new research shows that the use of Cannabis enhances the sexual experience and increases sexual frequency. Use of Cannabis can be an effective way of enhancing the experience and is worth trying. Cannabis can have a big impact on the way you approach sex, making it a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Let’s look at some of the findings that Cannabis can provide.

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What day of the week and time of day do most CBD sales happen? We set out to find the answer to both of these questions using our data and found some surprising results. The data presented is from actual purchases made through LeafyQuick since inception. Numbers have been normalized to percentages and sales have been aggregated across all sales channels: Online, In-Store & Partner Websites. Times shown are in Chicago (CST) Time Zone. Which day of the week is best for CBD Sales? Most popular conclusions: Weekends are probably the busiest for you. CBD Sales should be high on...

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Although a marijuana delivery service isn’t yet legal in Illinois; we here at LeafyQuick are interested in finding out how other states operate. How do you find the best marijuana delivery service for you? Is it something you can find using a search engine? Are there special apps? How does it all work? By examining other models of cannabis delivery, we hope to be enlightened by the existing marijuana delivery services in other states and maybe even help Illinois prepare some of its own ideas for weed delivery. Your Average Cannabis Delivery Service and What They Provide There are a few marijuana...

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The Power of the LeafyQuick Referral Network From the time the 2018 Farm Bill passed, the CBD hemp market has been booming. The farmers have been busy cultivating their crop and the scientists have been working on perfecting the CBD extract that is now being used in a variety of CBD products that include gummies, chocolates, drinks, oils, lotions and many more. However, the most important aspect of CBD that we are seemingly forgetting is that CBD is supposed to help provide benefits to those suffering from severe ailments. Popularity of CBD With states like California and Colorado having CBD...

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The CBD market has really taken off over the past year. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new market trend and CBD brands are introduced daily to the market. The makers of these brands are eager to get their product into the hands of the consumer and look for innovative ways to get their word out. A select few brands thus far were able to penetrate the CBD gold rush by having their topicals placed on the shelves of CVS and Walgreens. Other CBD brands and products are sold through word of mouth campaigns. Paid advertising on Google and Facebook is still restricted. Overall, getting the word out about a CBD brand is difficult and tends to happen over a long time.

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