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Learn more about the impact of Cannabis use on your sexual Intimacy and how CBD Lube Can Help

CBD Lube and PassionThere are multiple ways for you to increase the amount of pleasure that you get from the intimacy with your partner. However, new research shows that the use of Cannabis enhances the sexual experience and increases sexual frequency. Use of Cannabis can be an effective way of enhancing the experience and is worth trying. Cannabis can have a big impact on the way you approach sex, making it a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience. Let’s look at some of the findings that Cannabis can provide.

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The CBD market has really taken off over the past year. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new market trend and CBD brands are introduced daily to the market. The makers of these brands are eager to get their product into the hands of the consumer and look for innovative ways to get their word out. A select few brands thus far were able to penetrate the CBD gold rush by having their topicals placed on the shelves of CVS and Walgreens. Other CBD brands and products are sold through word of mouth campaigns. Paid advertising on Google and Facebook is still restricted. Overall, getting the word out about a CBD brand is difficult and tends to happen over a long time.

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As a business owner, you realize the importance of staying ahead of trends and the competition. Your choice to sell CBD products is a great indication of you keeping up the latest trends. However, there are two questions that probably keep you up at night: How do I get more customers (sales)? How can I compete with online e-commerce stores like Amazon? The answer to both of these questions is to offer what customers are looking for i.e. is convenience of online shopping but with the service of walking down to the local store. Enter same day delivery. Same-day delivery...

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Though often overshadowed by the widely known cannabinoids, the star compounds in cannabis, terpenes are becoming a well-known term in the industry. What are terpenes? And what is the Entourage Effect?

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With the increase in air travel and the popularity of CBD oils the question we are asked the most is it legal to carry CBD products on the plane. In this article we explore the answer, provide some helpful tips and words of caution.

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