LeafyQuick Partners with Practitioners to Educate Customers about CBD

The CBD market has really taken off over the past year. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new market trend and CBD brands are introduced daily to the market. The makers of these brands are eager to get their product into the hands of the consumer and look for innovative ways to get their word out. A select few brands thus far were able to penetrate the CBD gold rush by having their topicals placed on the shelves of CVS and Walgreens. Other CBD brands and products are sold through word of mouth campaigns. Paid advertising on Google and Facebook is still restricted. Overall, getting the word out about a CBD brand is difficult and tends to happen over a long time.

LeafyQuick.com Partnership Network

Some brands are taking a different approach to their marketing efforts and leverage practitioner networks (i.e. chiropractors, personal trainers, professional counselors, veterinarians etc.) to get their word out and educate consumers about CBD. Based on speaking with many customers there is a clear trend of people relying on referrals when trying CBD for the first time. These referrals typically come from professionals who help recommend a CBD product and provide dosage instructions. It is not surprising to find that people still rely heavily on recommendations before placing something inside their body or even applying a new lotion on their skin.

The practitioner network is one of the most powerful approaches to educating customers about CBD.

CBD brand ambassadors realize the power of the network and reach out to chiropractors, veterinarians etc. daily to carry their product. However, practitioners are also new to the market, truly care about treating their patients and providing support to their patients in and outside of their clinics.

Similar to customers, practitioners also need to be educated about CBD so they can properly relay the message to those they treat and be able to select CBD products that can truly make a difference in their customers lives.

For those practitioners that already carry CBD products it is still difficult to maintain inventory, constantly place re-orders and have customers call-in asking for the product to be delivered. In most cases these customers find other means of getting CBD and the practitioners miss-out on this additional revenue stream that can help them sustain their practice.

The goal of the LeafyQuick Network is to empower practitioners through:

  • Education about CBD
  • Providing a selection of recognizable and trusted CBD products
  • Getting CBD products to the patient door with the goal of same day delivery

We value the care that the practitioners provide to customers and the hassle of having to take care of logistics and storage of inventory can be left to LeafyQuick. We work closely with chiropractors, personal trainers, professional counselors, veterinarians and many other types of practitioners to get CBD products directly to their customers hassle free and ensure that the additional revenue stream stays intact.

With the LeafyQuick practitioner online marketplace, customers can come directly to your online page and place the order for same day delivery and/or give us a call directly and mention your name and be able to select from the list of your recommended products. We take care of all the ordering, inventory and delivery details while you are able to provide the best care to your patients and generate additional revenue for your practice, helping you flourish and grow in your community.

Follow these three easy steps to get started:

  • Sign Up to our partnership network by filling out this form: (Click Here)
  • Receive an on-boarding package from us and agree to the terms
  • Update your profile and select the products you want to offer

It’s as simple as that!

For those that haven't yet signed up or are looking to learn more simply email us at Partnership@LeafyQuick.com.