Half Day Announces Agreement with LeafyQuick for Last Mile Chicago Deliveries

CHICAGO, May 22, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Half Day announced it had signed an agreement with LeafyQuick to handle all of its Chicago deliveries for its line of CBD products.

LeafyQuick, together with Half Day, is making waves in the legal CBD Support & Wellness industry via the LeafyQuick mobile, on-demand delivery platform. Both firms are pioneers in their own right: Half Day is one of the first CBD brands local to Chicago. LeafyQuick is the first and only on-demand CBD delivery platform in Chicago, bringing the Grubhub model to an expanding market.  

Half Day sources its hemp from Kentucky, but manufactures the products here in Chicago, a unique aspect among a growing sea of CBD brands. It makes and sells CBD-based oils, gummies and creams. Half Day's products, which use oils extracted from hemp plants that don't get people high, are designed to ease pain and anxiety, and aid with sleep.

LeafyQuick has built a reputation of being highly selective—working with only highly trusted CBD brands and local retailers to curate carefully selected products that meet the highest standards. Customers can explore a wide selection, check availability, compare prices and see reviews before having products delivered to their doorstep—all from the comfort of their home and at an affordable price. It's a valuable service in an age when consumers are becoming increasingly reliant on on-demand delivery.

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