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Congratulations you have already taken the first step in deciding that CBD is right for you. So, now comes the important question of where can you shop for CBD? What should I be looking for when buying CBD? Is going to a store better than shopping online for CBD? All of these are great questions and ones that we hope to address in the following article.

Where can you shop for CBD?

The CBD market has really taken off over the past couple of years, ever since the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018. Since legalization it seems like CBD is available everywhere, especially taking over the health and wellness market.

Though federally legal, some states have taken a conservative view in placing restrictions on CBD. Best to check your local laws but safe to say that it is widely available now spanning more than 40 countries and majority of the US States.

You will find CBD oil for sale in:

Vape shops and head shops;

Brick-and-mortar stores;

Cannabis dispensaries;

Online stores

What should I be looking for when buying CBD?

As CBD is something you are putting on or into your body, you need to consider a product's quality and purity.

Come prepared

Prior to beginning your CBD shopping experience, it is important to research CBD, the brands, the products and cross reference with whatever disease or ailments you are concerned with.

Understand exactly how to use the CBD product. How do you take the CBD? How much? For how long do you take it? What are the risks and benefits? If the answers aren't clear from the product's label or your previous fact-finding, then it shouldn't go into or onto your body.

Ask your doctor

It is essential that you speak with your doctor, a health care professional before starting CBD. Health care providers would be able to monitor CBD product use and event offer alternative wellness recommendations that are better supported with evidence to date. Doctors or pharmacists can discuss side effects and potential drug interactions with any medications you're taking.

Scrutinize the label

You need to know precisely what's within the container. Having this information speaks to the product's purity, quality, consistency and safe use.

It is important to check the CBD label for the following:

  • Identity (like dietary supplement) to understand what it's meant for.
  • Cannabinoid content.
    • CBD from hemp contains only trace amounts of THC, at most.
  • Net quantity.
    • Quantity is expressed with measures such as weight or numerical count, so you can compare with other products.
  • Batch lot or control number.
  • Production or expiration date.
  • Instructions for use.
    • For instance, is this a sublingual CBD tincture that should be taken under the tongue?
  • Dosing guidance.
    • With a CBD balm, cream or lotion, do you slather it on your skin or use a small amount? (Research on safe, appropriate dosing is still in early stages.)
  • Appropriate warnings and contraindications for use. Also, check with your doctor about possible interactions with any prescription medicines you take.
  • Storage instructions.
  • Check for FDA warning letters.
    • Some products marketed as containing CBD have been actually been found to contain little or none with testing. The Food and Drug Administration keeps a running list of firms (and their purchase websites) to which the FDA has sent warning letters about questionable CBD products.

Look for independent testing

Products should be tested by a third party to ensure that what the product claims to contain is indeed what is contained, and does not contain anything harmful such as heavy metals, pesticides etc.

Check for a Certificate of Analysis, or COA, showing test results typically available on the website or a QR code on the package itself. COA testing should include analysis for contaminants and measurement of CBD and THC levels, providing an extra level of quality assurance. You should be able to download the COA online, and the retailer should be willing to share it.

Is going to a store better than shopping online for CBD?

Pros of Buying Online

  • Ability to take your time reading, researching and learning about the product
  • Ability to shop and compare with other retailers on price point and quality
  • Huge variety of products at your fingertips
  • More discounts and promotions available

Cons of Buying Online

  • Not being able to physically see, smell or touch what you are getting
  • Difficulty finding a trusted source.

Pros of Buying In-Store

  • Immediacy / instant gratification. No waiting on shipping
  • Ability to see, smell and touch the product you are buying

Cons of Buying In-Store

  • Only open set hours
  • Driving, parking, waiting in line and other general annoyances that come with errand-running
  • Limited knowledge and information: A salesperson who may or may not be educated on CBD could just be trying to make a sale, not caring about the integrity of the product
  • Higher prices due to overhead
  • Hard to find stores that sell CBD

Another thing: Depending on who you are and what kind of mood you’re in, the human interaction aspect of buying in-store could either be a pro or a con.

On the online side, a lot of people like to support small businesses. Keeping in mind that CBD is a new and rising product, buying online serves a greater purpose in the supporting-the-little-guy regard, as many online CBD retailers are startups.

Buying CBD products both online and in-store comes with their share of perks. While each channel brings unique value to the customer, buying online, in most cases, does fare safer than buying in-store because websites are required by law to provide full disclosure to the customer on product quality and ingredients, as well as manufacturing and production processes. 


So, while the title of highest quality CBD Shop Online is a debatable one, hopefully this article has provided some insights, tips and tools with which you can not only identify the best CBD that you can buy but also from where to buy them.

We here at LeafyQuick take pride in the amount of due diligence that we do before onboarding CBD brands onto our platform.

LeafyQuick was founded by two University of Chicago Booth Executive MBA Alums who met during the program and a friend who is a corporate technology executive. They wanted to utilize their extensive corporate and technology expertise to bring quality CBD to those who need it the most.

This simple premise was put into practice shortly after the Farm Bill was passed on the Federal Level making CBD legal in all 50 states. They quickly capitalized on the opportunity by building a delivery platform and making deliveries to customers and businesses.

LeafyQuick takes pride in only working with selective brands that meet their high standards of quality, testing and commitment to the customer.

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