Is Dabbing with CBD right for you?

Anyone who has previously heard about dabbing might conjure up images of the stereotypical stoner getting blazed in their bedroom. Don’t be fooled, however, because the target market for dabs is developing almost as quickly as the cannabis industry.

What is Dabbing? 

For those not familiar with the term or thought it was just a dance move, dabbing is simply vaporizing or smoking concentrated CBD crystals. You have probably seen others smoke using a bong or a similar devise for cannabis or other flavored products. With Dabbling you can use a device that is called a dab rig. You can think of a dab rig as a bowl that is used to smoke the CBD crystals.

Although dabbing might sound cumbersome it is actually an easy way to vaporize and smoke CBD crystals. For dabbing, a dab rig includes the following parts that are commonly used: water pipe, nail, dome, torch and a dab tool. A simple process includes A) heating up the nail using a handheld torch and allowing the nail to cool off slightly. B) placing a small amount of CBD extract inside the nail and the extract should vaporize C) inhale the vapor and D) put the dome over the bowl you are using for dabbling to keep the vapor from escaping.

Dabbing with CBD

Dabbing with CBD allows you to manage your dose and experience with vaporizing. CBD contains minimal doses of THC (less than .03%) and should not give you an intoxicating effect.

CBD dabs typically contain pure CBD concentrate and nothing else allowing you to control the exact amount of CBD you are vaping.

CBD dabs are usually available in two forms:

  1. solid form such as crystals or crumble
  2. vape juices that are CBD oil based.
CBD dabs or crystals are usually pure CBD and can help avoid the lag time between the vaping and the effect of CBD.

    Dabbing CBD Produces Instantaneous Impact

    Consuming CBD products as CBD oil, CBD edibles, or other CDB products orally requires the body to process the CBD and therefore takes longer to feel the impact. With dabbing, the CBD vapor penetrates your bloodstream and has a more immediate effect on your body.

    Dabbing CBD Product Alternatives

    There are other alternatives to Dabbing CBD and those come in a form of a vape pen that provides a more convenient way to vape than dabbing. A vape pen can be carried around in your pocket and there are a variety of vape cartridges that can be purchased but sometimes are not as superior of quality as CBD crystals for Dabbing.

    Where to get CBD Dabs?

    Simply consider a dab rig as a bong that includes a bowl to hold flower and has a heating, such as, nail that allows you to vaporize CBD dabs. You can also try using an electric dab rig for your CBD dabbing experience.

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    In Conclusion:

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