What are the benefits of CBG Flower?

Move over CBD, there is a new sheriff in town: CBG. Like its counterpart THC and CBD, the CBG cannabinoid is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. However, what makes this cannabinoid unique is that all other cannabinoids begin their lives as a CBG molecule, then morph into something else once the CBG flower is about 8 weeks old. Knowing this, it makes sense why CBG has earned the name mother of all cannabinoids. That same characteristic, though, also means that most CBG molecules are transformed into something else, leaving very little to be harvested – making it the most expensive cannabinoid to produce.

Okay, but what’s so great about it?

Industry experts are speculating that it could have significantly more healing power than CBD – but keep in mind, it is still early in the research. That said, there have been some intriguing studies that indicate this could be revolutionary for the cannabis and medical industries. It is a non-psychoactive molecule, which means it could be just as accessible as CBD products once the production has scaled.

As the pioneer cannabinoid, it is thought to contain concentrated forms of the molecules found in THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids. This means that the perceived benefits of CBD may be even more pronounced with the use of CBG flower. And this is just the beginning!

If we don’t have research, why are insiders so excited about this?

It’s true that we are still learning, but the CBG has already won over many people. There are also many instances where people are dropping their CBD flower in favor of this new one. For a long time, I have purchased CBD flower near me at a little shop. Since CBG products started being stocked a few months ago, I regularly hear other customers talking about their incredible experiences with CBG. Several diehard CBD customers have made the switch and say they are never going to go back.

Seems like an incredible product, so what’s the catch?

Aside from the molecule itself existing in very small quantities, there seems to be no major red flags when it comes to CBG. Though, users have said that it does increase appetite, which could lead to possible weight-gain.

Get ready to see CBG on store shelves in the coming months and years. This exciting cannabinoid has a ton of potential to makeover how the world thinks about the medicinal properties of cannabis. Stay connected with us to learn about the latest CBG research and science.