Why LeafyQuick? 

We are unlike any other CBD Franchise opportunity in the market today.

LeafyQuick provides access to a diverse selection of CBD products, because we know no one market is the same.
Our data driven approach provides a unique sales tool that can help you stand apart from the competition.
Most importantly you can offer same day delivery and shipment nationally from your retail store.

What do we offer?

Brand awareness
Access to the best brands and products
Store System and Merchant Processing back-up
Clinical research, training and education
Marketing, Outreach, and Community Involvement Support
Exclusive territories available
Expert Operational process and training
Inventory and ordering support

From Idea to Reality 10 Simple Steps 

1. Pre-Qualification
Please fill out our initial questionnaire below that helps us understand your background, goal and financial position. There is no obligation, just a way for us to learn about each other. 
2. Qualification
After reviewing your responses and if there is a mutual fit we will contact you within a few days to over more information with you. 

3. Review Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)
The Franchise Disclosure Document is an important tool that should be used to determine if the investment meets your objectives. Details of the franchise are included within the FDD and you’ll be given two full weeks to review the document.

4. Franchise Documents
Once you have reviewed all the documents with our team, the franchise sales agreement will need to be signed by you and/or your legal business entity.

5. Finding the Perfect Location
Selecting a location is an important step that can take anywhere from 1 - 3 weeks. We will assist you during this process including not assigning too many stores to any one location. 

6. Marketing
Even before you open, it is important to start marketing the store, brand and products. It takes some time for the news to spread, and we will help you with proven strategies to hit the ground running with customers. Marketing is a continuous exercise and a core component to the success of your store.

7. Training
We realize many people are new to CBD and / or retail in general. Our team of experts provide virtual and on-site coaching for everyone that we bring on-board. This includes everything from what is CBD, who are the brands, how to answer possible customer questions etc. 

8. Store Setup
Our team will provide guidelines in regards to fixtures, color schemes, banners and other materials. There is still an opportunity to be unique and add your individual style elements. 

9. Pre-Open
In preparation for launch, you will need to hire staff, system setup, inventory ordering, and store operations. Our team will be with you the entire way assisting you in the process, serving as your trusted advisor. 

10. Grand Opening
Congratulations! You will have joined the growing LeafyQuick family!