Have you considered using CBD for Pets?

Have you considered using CBD for Pets?

When you are not having a great day you most probably do something about it. You either take some form of CBD to help you with pain, stress or illness. What do you do when your pet is not having a great day and is in pain? Since you love your pet you would try to help them to feel better. We have seen numerous pet owners come to us asking what can be done to help their pets. A treatment approach that can be used is CBD products for pets that come in many forms and could help ease the pain for your loved pet.

You might have already heard and seen others give CBD (cannabidiol) to their pets and chances are you are asking if your pet can benefit from CBD as well. You might also be asking, where do I find CBD for pets? what are the benefits of CBD for my pet? which CBD pet products do I trust? and how much CBD dosage do I give to my pet? These are all great questions that we will try to help answer in the sections below.

What is CBD for pets and where do I find it?

CBD has become very popular in the recent months after the legalization in late 2018 by the passage of the Farm Bill and unlike cannabis that contains THC, the compound that provides the ‘high’ and when smoking or consuming marijuana products. CBD on the other hand provides all the benefits and wellness without getting your pet high. CBD comes from industrial hemp which gets extracted for CBD oil and is non-psychotropic, and to be legal must contain less than 0.3% THC.

CBD for pets comes in a variety of form that include oils (tinctures) that come in many flavors including salmon, chicken, peanut butter and more and edibles CBD pet treats in flavors that your pet is already familiar with and currently consumes. Tinctures is our most popular cbd product for pets and is used for dogs, cats, reptiles you name it, but there are quite a few pet products on the market that provide same results for your pets.

Benefits of CBD for Pets and CBD Pet Products to Trust

At the moment both the FDA and the American Veterinary Medical Association haven’t released any official take on CBD uses for both pets and humans. Nonetheless the CBD market has grown exponentially, with people swearing that CBD helps with ailments in dogs, cats, and other animals.

It is important to clearly read the ingredients for each product you purchase prior to giving it to your pet. It’s good to understand what you are putting in their food when it comes to CBD oils for pets and the contents of the CBD treats. There are many CBD oils for pets out in the market and each one should have a third-party lab report indicating the quality of the CBD that is being used without heavy metals for example. Find a reputable brand and do your due diligence!

What Dosage of CBD Should I be Giving my Pet?

Knowing how much of CBD to give to your pet and even for human consumption can be complicated. The effects of low doses and high doses are very different between animals and giving more CBD is not always better for your pet. When your pet suffers from extreme cases, higher doses might be more effective. But with issues like anxiety, a lower dose should be effective for your pet.

It’s important to always consult with your veterinarian and make sure that CBD can be used alongside current medications and treatments that your pet is receiving.

Most CBD pet products now offer instructions right on the package indicating the number of drops to give depending on the weight of the pet. In some cases, you start with 1mg of CBD per every 10 lbs. of an animal’s body weight, once or twice a day. It is often usually recommended that you start with a small dosage and increase over time as you see the desired benefits. And you should be around your pet after giving them CBD to ensure that they don’t have any adverse reactions.

Is CBD right for my Pet?

Industrial hemp-based CBD is one of several treatments that you may want to consider for your pet. Some people use CBD for their pets for symptoms of anxiety, pain because of old age or other symptoms where medication and treatments haven’t worked.

Although CBD may provide benefits for your pets it’s not a guarantee that your pets will fully recover from their ailments but may provide relieve and wellness in their life.

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