First and Only On-Demand CBD Delivery Service Startup LeafyQuick Plans Expansion to Two More States

CHICAGO, April 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Chicago based startup LeafyQuick provides quick, safe and convenient on-demand delivery of the highest quality CBD products. Having launched just early this year, the online platform has seen exponential growth and overwhelming demand. Due to the rapid success, the company is accelerating its expansion plans targeting two additional states. 

The LeafyQuick team comprised of two recent University of Chicago Booth Executive MBA graduates have been quick to identify and capitalize on the opportunity. The company established exclusive partnerships with local retail outlets, Chicago and established National CBD brands in just under a month. "Everyone we spoke to, loved the idea, referred us to their peers and welcomed LeafyQuick with open arms. We couldn't have asked for a better outcome," said the co-founder of LeafyQuick.  

The LeafyQuick management team has taken trips to both New York and Miami meeting with several brand executives and retailers indicating this to be their likely expansion target. There is a steady stream of CBD brands requesting to join the platform, however the management team is being selective with an approval process, taking the extra time and effort for appropriate due diligence to ensure the safety of the product line. "We take pride in the LeafyQuick name and stand behind the brands we feature and work with," said the co-founder of LeafyQuick.

LeafyQuick still continues to expand within the Chicago market, nurturing existing and expanding partnerships, while serving the community. They recently established a pop up store in Wicker Park, a Chicago neighborhood to educate locals about CBD and raise awareness of their service. To meet growing demand, the company is expanding its same day delivery coverage to the suburbs of Chicago as well as now offering a shipping option.  

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