LeafyQuick, launches a one-month pop up store in Wicker Park, IL to raise CBD awareness across Chicago

CBD is all the buzz these days, but a quick search on CBD leads to many brands, terms and information. How do you start? What is CBD? Which brands are good and safe to try?

LeafyQuick has partnered up with Chicago retailers, stores, local and national brands to bring the best of the best CBD products to Wicker Park, IL (1262 N Milwaukee Ave). Everyone is encouraged to come by for this month-long event between April 15th – May 15th, 2019 to learn about CBD, hear about different brands and explore a carefully curated set of products that are rotated every week. There is a growing CBD movement in Chicago, and LeafyQuick wants to lead the movement from the front.

The pop-up store opening saw a steady stream of new and existing CBD users coming by to learn and explore the wide selection. “We see this as a big milestone in helping bring awareness to the Chicago land communities” the co-founder of LeafyQuick said.

Wicker Park is a vibrant neighborhood of Chicago, and the co-founders of LeafyQuick couldn’t think of a better place to start. The neighborhood is filled with many shopping and entertainment options and a variety of events happening throughout the week.

LeafyQuick pop-up store is carrying a select few brands that are prominent in the market. Some of the few selected brands include Select CBD and Veritas Farms which have both been featured on the shelves of Walgreens and CVS for their topicals. Our founder flew to Miami, FL prior to the pop-up store launch to meet some of the prominent brands in the industry to learn more about their CBD products all the way from the farm, extraction, to distribution across USA. Our team held learning sessions with representatives from the brands to be able to relay the correct message to our consumers about the brand and it’s mission in the market. “We see ourselves as brand ambassadors and care about what we tell our customers” the co-founder and CEO of LeafyQuick said.

LeafyQuick announced the launch of their on-demand CBD Delivery service a few weeks ago. The pop-up store is not only meant to educate customers about CBD, but also spread the word about their unique service offering. They provide same day on-demand delivery of CBD products within Chicago, the first service of this kind.

CBD is consumed by both people and their furry friends alike, and a quick scan of their store shows a wide array of products. They are offering in-store discounts to reward their customers and give back to the Chicago community.

Enjoy the summer in Chicago on their lovely patio and come try their great CBD selection at 1262 N Milwaukee Ave.

With highly trusted and carefully selected CBD products at our store we are excited to continue educating the consumers about the premier products on the market. We will continue to explore and work with new brands who produce top quality Hemp CBD products.