What day of the week and time of day do most CBD sales happen? We set out to find the answer to both of these questions using our data and found some surprising results.

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Finding the best Marijuana Delivery Service

Although a marijuana delivery service isn’t yet legal in Illinois; we here at LeafyQuick are interested in finding out how other states operate.

How do you find the best marijuana delivery service for you? Is it something you can find using a search engine? Are there special apps? How does it all work?

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David vs. Goliath: How you can standup to Amazon and offer same day delivery

We are currently in the eye of the digital storm that has overtaken our society. Same day delivery is no longer a nice to have it is an essential part of doing business now!

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How Chiropractors can benefit from LeafyQuick Affiliate Marketing Program

From the time the 2018 Farm Bill passed, the CBD hemp market has been booming. However, the most important aspect of CBD that we are seemingly forgetting is that CBD is supposed to help provide benefits to those suffering from severe ailments.

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LeafyQuick Partners with Practitioners to Educate Customers about CBD

The CBD market has really taken off over the past year. Everyone wants to capitalize on this new market trend and CBD brands are introduced daily to the market. The makers of these brands are eager to get their product into the hands of the consumer and look for innovative ways to get their word out. A select few brands thus far were able to penetrate the CBD gold rush by having their topicals placed on the shelves of CVS and Walgreens. Other CBD brands and products are sold through word of mouth campaigns. Paid advertising on Google and Facebook is still restricted. Overall, getting the word out about a CBD brand is difficult and tends to happen over a long time. 

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Do you know the difference between Isolate, Broad & Full Spectrum?

On average there has only been one out of a hundred who has said that they know the difference between Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum and Isolate CBD oils. Are you the one?

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How did LeafyQuick get started?

Curious about how LeafyQuick  got its start? LeafyQuick’s mission is quite simple to quickly, safely and conveniently deliver on-demand the highest quality CBD products to consumers, and help retail and brand partners by providing valuable consumer insights and trends to grow their businesses.
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My first attempt at making CBD Infused cocktails

We at LeafyQuick are focused on ensuring that those who need and can benefit from the use of CBD should be able to get access in an easy and cost effective method.

But, this doesn't mean that we can't explore a new emerging trend of mixing CBD with cocktails, coffee, food etc. So when I came across a Mixology 102 class focused on CBD infused cocktails, I immediately jumped at the opportunity.

As my first such class, I didn't really know what to expect or what effect CBD would have on the drinks. At the end of the 2 hrs I don't think I could make a living behind a bar, but I think LeafyQuick did come out with our signature drink ...

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CBD Oil for broken bones and Osteoporosis

There are a variety of uses for CBD based products in helping deal with chronic pain. There are roughly 10 million Americans that have osteoporosis and 44 million that have low bone density.
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Can you travel with CBD Oil on the Plane?

With the increase in air travel and the popularity of CBD oils the question we are asked the most is it legal to carry CBD products on the plane. 

CBD Vape Pens & Vaporizers

New to CBD Vape Pens? Or looking to understand more about what CBD Vape is? Check out our blog and get CBD delivered to your home. We are the first CBD Delivery service in Chicago.
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LeafyQuick speaking at USA CBD Expo in Miami!

LeafyQuick is excited to have the opportunity to speak at this years USA CBD Expo 2019 in Miami Beach, Florida. This years CBD expo will feature an endless number of different CBD brands and products ...

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Have you considered using CBD for Pets?

Industrial hemp-based CBD is one of several treatments that you may want to consider for your pet. Some people use CBD for their pets for symptoms of anxiety, pain because of old age or other symptoms where medication and treatments haven’t worked. Knowing how much of CBD to give to your pet consumption can be ...

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Why your business needs same day Delivery! 

Your choice to sell CBD products is a great indication of you keeping up the latest trends.

Same-day delivery is more than a bullet point on your product page. It’s not another call to action. It’s a reason for consumers to embrace you and consider you as an everyday part of their lives.

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Entourage Effect through Terpenes

Though often overshadowed by the widely known cannabinoids, the star compounds in cannabis, terpenes are becoming a well-known term in the industry. What are terpenes? And what is the Entourage Effect?
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CBD Gummies aren't for kids!

Growing up who didn't love to eat gummies, they came in all shapes, tasted great and satisfied your sweet tooth. Now as adults you can enjoy gummies again but this time with CBD. 
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Is Dabbing Right for You?

What is dabbing? No, we are not asking you to dance with your CBD, though some people have stated after using CBD they do feel like dancing. Find out what CBD Dabbing is?